A Expose

As I sit through the pool on this Christmas day I ponder the destiny. I ask myself what type of destiny will we face? With a brand new year a week away I surprise will mankind ultimately discover a way to stay in peace and concord with each other and produce balance to nature? As sobering as that question is much may be said in answering that with the aid of searching into the beyond. They have continually said that records repeats itself. True enough, however it is usually thru specific versions however the effects are almost same. Too a good deal of history changed into written in blood spilled by the conquests of man. Was it the simple instinct of self protection that spurred such violent movement? In too many times selfish dreams overtook the conduct of guy. Greed, lust, and a hunger for manipulate over others pushed guy to do unthinkable horror. Today, the world is confronted with a humanitarian crisis on the scope not seen seeing that World War II. We must wonder though this crisis could have been adverted only if guy had confined their egocentric goals instead of searching for greater electricity and wealth for themselves. Ever for the reason that dawn of records many have as we say succumbed to the "Dark Side." A behavior pattern of unrelenting thirst for power, control, and wealth. And, in the manner a whole lot of humanity has and keeps to go through. At this point in time wherein we've got visible many scientific, technological and medical marvels that has enabled man to reach a better level of life. But, like almost everything else to a great deal of humanity don't and might not have the capability of being capable of be on the receiving end of what guy has devised except things change. Whether it's far a medical leap forward so one can save lives, or the era to make ones existence that tons better and less difficult. On this December twenty fifth I even have constantly wondered like in previous years will this new year be any extraordinary? For tens of millions the world over where there was as soon as hope best to locate themselves with out desire in seeking to acquire a higher best of life has been the truth for a long way too long. Could this new yr carry an stop to that hopelessness? I for one would really like to suppose so in particular with this being an election yr wherein hopes and dreams of millions of Americans and even for millions of others around the sector will all be stricken by the outcome. In many ways it is like a coin toss. On one hand the fame-quo prevails and the massive humanitarian disaster simplest gets worse bringing greater struggling to millions around the world. Then again we ought to very well see a brand new beginning that eases the struggling and brings hope wherein there was as soon as hopelessness.

Over the years we've got visible discord, animosity, and outright indignation in our political procedure. Subsequently, the evolution of so many distinct factions arose to the point that as a state we're anything however united. It is these factions that have undermined the democratic system and has stored this united states of america from forming a cohesive unity that our founding fathers cast for this state to survive and prosper. But, what we discover today is that the impact of huge money conglomerates over the media and our political method has and keeps to sabotage each issue of our democracy. And, like the whole lot else cash has corrupted and swayed the media to where the general public is inundated with bias this is purposely engineered to sway public opinion. No longer is the free press unfastened. They are controlled with the aid of a power structure that has dominated each thing of now not handiest our political technique however our normal lives. Will we ever ruin unfastened from the yolk of oppression that has besieged our state? This is the most important challenge of our times. The repute-quo of the day gone by and today has created the massive inequality that exists and helped create the humanitarian disaster that is engulfing the world. Can we undo the harm that we allowed to show up especially with our reluctance to implement the technology to combat worldwide warming or the desire to ease the human struggling this is like a virus sweeping around the sector? I for one have grave doubts that this new 12 months will be the yr we bring leaders who may have the braveness to enforce the adjustments needed to change the sector for the better. Then again I may be wrong. I in reality hope so.